The Methodology

To understand the religion of Islam a sincere person would consult its sources: The Quran and The Customs of the Prophet Muhammad. To make sure one understands those sources correctly, a wise person would consult those who knew the sources best: The Companions of The Prophet Muhammad. This is the beginning of understanding, this is the door to knowledge, and this was the methodology of our pious predecessors. Understanding and implementing Islam in this way is Salafiyya.


3 Responses to The Methodology

  1. Ibn Shahid says:

    May Allah make this a source of good deeds for you inshaAllah.

  2. Abu Habiba Ismael says:

    Ameen, wa iyyakum akhi

  3. listenandobey says:

    mashallah akhi, very nice……… abu habiba, always making us think……

    may ALLAH make your intentions purely for HIS sake……ameen


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