Why the title?

There was a small but extremely beneficial book written by the great scholar, the shaykh, the preserver of Hadeeth, “the helper of the religion of Islam (“Naasir-ud-Deen”) Abu Abdur-Rahman Muhammad al-Albaani, may Allah have mercy on him, and raise his rank, and forgive him of his mistakes and sins and reward his parents by his many great and continuing services for the Ummah of Muhammad, sal Allahu 3layhi wa sallam.  The title of the book was aptly named: “Tawheed First O Callers to Allah!”.  The booklet’s premise centers on the need for all those who believe themselves to be “callers” to Allah and Islam, known as a Da’i (Du’aat pl.) to be firmly grounded in and include in their da’wah Tawheed – The unique and purely Islamic concept of worshipping, believing in, and calling and relying upon Allah alone without any partners; believing that He alone created the Universe and everything in it, and believing that the names and attributes that Allah described himself with and what His Prophet, sal Allahu 3layhi wa sallam, described Him [Allah] with are not in any need of interpretation and especially not denied outright.

 So not only do we need to know Tawheed as ordinary everyday muslims (and non-Muslims too), but before that we need to begin just to understand the importance of knowledge, the reward for seeking it, the happiness that is attained by gaining it, and the unspoken and unseen treasures that await those who implement it, not only in Paradise, but even right here on this earth in our lives.

 Also, about the title, I am constantly reminded when I see various groups, and anyone who has spent time at a masjid (mosque) knows what I mean, but in particular I am talking about the groups who call to Tableegh (i.e. going out and doing Da’wah/Calling to Allah).  The title of this blog is for people who think in this manner.  And not only for them, but all those muslims especially those who are educated with advanced degrees who believe that the religion is as simple as reading a verse in the Quran or reading a hadeeth, believing that they know exactly what it means, and then going off and acting on their ignorance.  So before we go out to spread Islam and before we go out to change the world all of which are great actions, they will be futile, unyielding and disappointing, if not altogether or otherwise unappealing to the intended audience and at worst maybe even violent and homocidal, since so many of these things are done with abject ignorance buttressed by a willful and disgusting obstinancy.

 So attain some knowledge, authentic knowledge, and then act upon it.  I advise myself firstly before I would advise anyone else.


2 Responses to Why the title?

  1. Ibn Shahid says:

    Barak Allahu feek. Looking forward to new posts inshaAllah ta’ala.

  2. Abu Habiba says:

    Jazak Allah khayr, wa feekum barak Allah. When i get some time akhi i will be doing it inshaa Allah.

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